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A clean living environment is essential to the overall health of you and your household. Whether you have an air duct with too much dirt or a draft up in the attic, you need to maintain your house’s structural integrity. There are plenty of professional cleaning services, but how many of them are licensed & insured? They tend to be expensive, cut corners when it comes to cleaning, and not all of their technicians are certified. However, there is a company you can trust with professional service.

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Who We Are

360 Attic Renew is a family-owned business with years of technical experience. Our highly trained experts give you cleaning services with up-to-date equipment. They are licensed & insured with an incredible knowledge of unwanted substance removal.

Where We Are

Our company serves the Bay Area. We are locally operated, so we provide our services to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, Berkely, and the surrounding smaller cities. As a family-owned business, we continue to assist the communities of the Bay Area with state-of-the-art cleaning. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with our cleaning services.

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Crawl Space
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Dirty dryer vent

What We Do

360 Attic Renew uses only highly trained experts that are licensed & insured. It means we hold ourselves to a high industry standard. Besides junk removal, we provide commercial and residential services, which range from attic cleaning to rodent proofing. Here is what we can do:

Crawl Space Clean Up

We can clean up your crawl space with waterproof protection and vapor barriers. Water vapors tend to build up moisture within the area, which results in mold, mildew, and other dirt air contaminants. Our team makes sure to remove the moisture within the crawl space. We also preform crawl space dehumidifier repair, crawl space encapsulation and a foundation waterproofing projects!

Insulation Services

Insulation controls the air and water in your attic to prevent mold and mildew. It has the important function of heat regulation and protects your walls from moisture. We use highly trained experts who can replace your old insulation system with a new one.

Air Sealing

Air sealing allows us to find air leakage areas inside your home systematically. Whether it is an attic or a crawl space, we seal it right up for you. With fewer drafts, you use less energy with heating and cooling systems, which saves you energy costs.

Vapor Barrier Installation

Water vapor often diffuses to walls, which requires vapor barriers to prevent moisture-related issues. We use damp-proof sheets to cover areas prone to water vapors. It prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which causes harmful airborne bacteria.

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Insulation removal and installation
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Eliminate infestations.

Pest Control

Pests are a significant problem for households. Our certified technicians have the equipment and expertise to eliminate infestations, including ants, cockroaches, millipedes, spiders, and the like. We are licensed & insured to deal with all types of species and seasonal challenges in the Bay Area. Call now to no. 1 exterminator in the Bay.

Air duct Cleaning

We provide commercial and residential air conditioning services as air duct cleaning. Our technicians remove dust and dirty air particles from the air ducts so they can regulate the airflow more efficiently. What you get is a clean atmosphere with a functional ventilation system. If you need an air conditioning cleaning, or a furnace cleaning service, call Attic Clean 360 today for the best air cleaning show in California!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint is a flammable hazard, so it can cause fires if they clog up the dryer vent. Our cleaning services remove the lint with high-powered vacuums, so your dryer vent is safe and secure. We will make sure that there is no lint in your dryer vent hose and that your coil is clean and shine. It results in a household without the risk of a fire. Dryer cleaning save life!

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Air Duct Cleaning

Affordable Prices

We understand the economic hardship of these trying times, which is why our cleaning services are affordable. With our free estimate, we offer fair prices to fit your overall budget. There is also a free consultation for our cleaning services. We offer competitive prices so that we can match the lowest cost of any competitor.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Thanks to our competitive prices and highly trained technicians, 360 Attic Renew provides you a customer satisfaction guarantee with our residential and commercial services. Our licensed and insured are available in all the nearby locations of the Bay Area. From San Francisco to San Jose, our cleaning services continue to help our communities. Try a free consultation today.

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